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Regular performances

PROGRAM (From mid march)
(live music starts from 22.00 on the terrace and till late inside)

Andy martin
lesley harrison
the rock chic
andy martin
Eva marie
duets with paul maxwel "the pianoman" and elisa
band night Paul maxwel "the pianoman" and live band
paul maxwel "the pianoman"
hits brothers
lesley harrison
paul maxwel "the pianoman"
hits brothers
lesley harrison
paul maxwel "the pianoman"
hits brothers

Every weekend from march a special international guest artist changing monthly

The Piano man - Paul Maxwel

The piano man Paul Maxwel makes a special appearance most nights. For pauls schedule visit

Paul's new album: PURE
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Special performances

Special performances

Up in smoke Cocktail menu

Joys Live brings you a winter limited edition cocktail menu created by our talented bartender Sam. Inspired by smoke, fire, wood and ice, this selection of cocktails will bring you closer to the elements with its super special ingredients, featuring Turkish organic honeycomb, smoked wood chips from different trees (applewood, maple wood, cherrywood, mezquite wood and oak). Also, very rare bitters: green cardamom, Aztec chocolate bitters and aged whiskey barrel bitters. Sam promises these cocktails to be "Christmas in a glass", with house made infusions of gin bourbon and mezcal, and alpine fruits. Let these flavors transport you. Come to Joys Live and enjoy them for a very limited time.

Cocktail menu

Performances videos

3rd Anniversary party video
Sister Sledge video
Kool & the Gang video
Mica Paris video

The Club

Joys Live

The legendary Old Joy’s piano bar has been providing live entertainment since 1977 and over 30 years of musical nights of fun and joy! In probably the best located venue, we have the privilege of being front line in the famous worldwide port of Puerto Banús. 

This year, Ram has joined forces with the well known celebrity in Marbella - Paul Maxwel - the piano man,  also famous for many years from his successful touring through Europe, and memorable live entertainment venues in Puerto Banús,  Marvelous piano bar, The Piano Man, and Maxwels. Ironically, Paul has historically been in friendly competition with the legendary Old Joy’s. Paul and Ram were talking of the old days in Banús and how it has changed, they decided on this ultimate challenge and revive the unique venue. 

Paul having been away from Puerto Banús now for 5 years and hearing from his loyal clientele all the time how much they miss the Marvelous Piano Man, has announced a come back to Puerto Banús.Together, they have decided to bring back the good old days launching “Joys Live”, the ultimate experience in live music guaranteeing the best in live entertainment with a brand new deco, a privileged positioned, Paul Maxwell and the most talented artists on the coast as well as occasional talented artists from Europe.  

It will most definitely be a marvelous night in Joys live !

Award 2017

Our staff

Our staff

Our staff


  • Great performers!

  • Paul Maxwel: The Piano Man

  • Great ambiance!

  • Try out our selection of exquisite cocktails